Cost of Youth Sports
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Time and money are needed for a child to play sports. What happens when there is not enough of either? The amount of time required for a child to attend team practice, games, and home practice requirements can be stressful on an already full schedule. The financial commitment can be tough to manage on a tight budget. 

Families who have children in school or local sports know that the cost can be high. Fees, travel, and the cost of private lessons if needed can reach upward of hundreds of dollars. Budgeting for these sports can be hard, especially for those that require full body protection.

Some sports, such as basketball or running, don't require anything but proper shoes and possibly a ball.Some sports, like baseball and soccer, require special shoes and only minimal safety gear. Other contact sports, such as hockey, lacrosse, or football require full body protection. The gear require for hockey includes skates, gloves, pads, hockey helmets, neck guards, sticks, and more. This list could run a price tag of a couple hundred dollars, and more if you add the team jersy and socks. The gear required for football and lacrosse is similar, although you may not use a football or hockey helmet when playing lacrosse, and vice-versa. Using anything other than a lacrosse helmet is illegal.

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