HEINRICH AT LIMNER. Michael Heinrich's show "




HEINRICH AT LIMNER. Michael Heinrich's show "A Force of Nature - Tsunami Mommie," concludes this Saturday at the Limner gallery- The Limner Gallery is located at 123 Warren St., Hudson, NY. 12534, Out of a grab-bag filled w/diverse & largely unrelated found objects, Mr. Heinrich & any of those present who care to participate will now construct a vital and exciting work of art. Please join us for this party in Tim Slowlinski's Limner Gallery, where we have felt quite at home for the last month. Note that any of Mr. Heinrich's artworks that remain unsold at this juncture will be offered at a discounted price. Mr. Heinrich hopes to present you w/a show of all new & dynamic works within the year, hopefully, at a gallery in Manhattan. I thank all my new-found friends & patrons for their overwhelmingly positive response to the works shown. 845-688-5430,