MYSTERY; about 10-years old & is a total lap cat




MYSTERY; about 10-years old & is a total lap cat. She came to the shelter w/a rash over her whole body. Her skin is beautiful now but she is still feeling the stress of not being in a home. She eats special food as we think she may have food allergies. She's a petite polydactyl tuxedo so her extra toes can hug you even more! STARFISH; also petite, has a beautiful gray coat & golden eyes. She's been in the shelter for more than a year. She's one of the cats rescued from a huge humane law seizure. Before she was rescued, Starfish was picked on by some of the other cats in the hoarder's house & suffered skin wounds that are improving but taking quite a long time to heal. About 2-3 years & we think a loving home (foster or adoptive) would give Starfish the peace she needs to fully recover. She's such a sweet & friendly kitty. Separate foster or adoptive homes would be fine for Mystery and Starfish. Please call the Ulster County SPCA at (845)331-5377 extension 218 (Cat Supervisor) to find out more about these two lovely cats.