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Woodstock Day School hosts Hollywood Stunt Camp This July

by Paul Smart
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Want your kids to have some truly different fun this summer, and start them on lucrative careers in the meantime? A special five-day Stunt Camp has been set for four sessions in Woodstock later in July and August, where Hollywood experts will reveal all the key secrets to how, in movies, people get shot, buildings are blown up and stunt people are lit on fire. (No, they assure us that they don’t set kids on fire.) Skills taught run from pyrotechnics (and basic chemistry) to ziplines, rappelling and the basics of movie gunfights.

“Stunt performers are not daredevils,” explains camp founder Steve Wolf, a 25-year veteran of the film industry. “We want to get home to our kids, so don’t take chances. We safely create the illusion of danger, using science. That’s what Stunt Camp is all about.”

Each week of Stunt Camp (which also runs annually in Texas) will take place at the Woodstock Day School, where participants will be taught to interpret violent film scenes technically, pondering the techniques that were used to create the depicted action. Wolf, who heads it all, created special effects for Tom Cruise, John Grisham and James Cameron movies and for Cast Away, as well as a host of television series. He is the author of The Secret Science Behind Movie Stunts and Special Effects.

Camp sessions will run from July 18 to 22, July 25 to 29, August 1 to 5 and August 8 to 12. For more information, call (512) 653-9653 or visit Registration is taking place now.

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