Kids’ Almanac: Leprechaun traps, Simplicity Parenting, concerts for kids and “Feed me, Seymour!”

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A leprechaun is small and green

He hides where he cannot be seen.

But if you catch one on this day,

He must give his gold away.

Until a couple of years ago, my kids thought that St. Patrick’s Day just meant hanging shamrocks around the house and coloring their cereal milk green. Then we discovered leprechaun traps! Every year, my recycling bin is raided to provide the raw materials for a creative contraption intended to catch a leprechaun.

Our kids are highly motivated to catch a leprechaun, because if they do, they would get all of his gold! Unfortunately, all we ever manage to catch is a sprinkling of gold dust and a few chocolate coins that must have jostled out of the leprechaun’s pockets as he thwarted our gambit. Since leprechauns are attracted to treasure, we plant a coin as bait, which is attached to a trigger that is intended to close the box on the unsuspecting imp.

We never see the struggle take place, because it only happens during the wee hours. This is probably for the best, since the traps are all but destroyed when we discover them in the morning. Leprechauns can be fierce! They do not like being trapped and will do anything they can to free themselves.
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