Sex Money Murder

DA calls King killing attack on justice system

by Jesse J. Smith
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The gang members accused of killing Charles “C.J.” King Jr. were, Ulster County prosecutors allege, acting at the behest of a jailed fellow Blood when they stalked their victim as far as Lake George before catching and killing him on a Midtown Kingston street on Feb. 9.

Last Friday, an Ulster County grand jury handed up indictments against five men and two women for King’s murder. The seven accused — Trevor “Little T” Mattis, Gary “G Money” Griffin, Jermaine “Maino” Nicholas, Jarrin “Phat Boy” Rankin, Rondy “Ski” Russ, Amanda “Blazer Bitch” Miller and Damitria “Meatie” Kelley — conspired to kill King because they believed he had cooperated with a police investigation into a November shootout on Henry Street which led to Rankin’s arrest on felony assault and weapons charges. The accused, according to police, are members or associates of “Sex Money Murder,” a notorious street gang with roots in the Bronx and strong ties to Kingston.

King died after he was shot in the head and left arm on Cedar Street on the evening of Feb. 9. According to family members, King had been staying with an uncle on Henry Street while on a visit from Lake George where he was living with a girlfriend and trying to get together enough money to leave New York. Police said that Mattis, who is Rankin’s brother, used a medium-caliber handgun supplied by Griffin to shoot King.

The killing, according to Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright, was the culmination of a conspiracy, organized by Rankin from the Ulster County Jail to eliminate King as a witness in the assault case against him. Carnright said members of the gang hunted King over a period of time, even traveling to Lake George to find him. King’s family said that he had testified before a grand jury about the November shooting. According to family members, King agreed to testify in exchange for help avoiding a state prison sentence on a pending burglary charge.

Set up for execution

On Feb. 9, Carnright said, the gang members knew their target was back in town. When Nicholas spotted King, he contacted Mattis and, in Carnright’s words “detained” King until Mattis showed up.

“This was an ongoing deal, it didn’t just happen overnight,” said Carnright. Carnright did not elaborate on the role played by Russ, Miller and Kelley i n the slaying, except to say that they were “involved in the conspiracy, looking to find King and set him up for execution.”

According to King’s uncle, David Stokes, who said he learned details of the killing from witnesses, two women in a car approached his nephew as he walked to the Cedar Street Deli to buy cigarettes around 6:45 p.m. on Feb 9. The women tried to get King to take a ride with them, but he refused to get into the car, Stokes said. A short time later, Stokes said, a man approached King as he was walking out of the deli, said he needed to speak to him and led him up the street where Mattis was waiting. With the exception of Russ and Rankin, all of the accused were arrested and charged within a few days of the murder following a ’round-the-clock investigation by Kingston police, the Ulster Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team and other law enforcement agencies.

Carnright called King’s murder an unprecedented, at least for Ulster County, assault on the criminal justice system. “By carrying out this slaying, the gang is making the statement that they are above the law,” said Carnright.

Carnright described the accused as hardcore members of the Sex Money Murder street gang. The gang was founded as part of the United Bloods Nation at New York City’s Riker’s Island detention center in 1993. The SMM set grew from its original home base in the Soundview section of the Bronx into a loosely affiliated network with chapters all along the East Coast. The gang’s connection to Kingston dates back to the mid 1990s, when SMM founder Peter “Pistol Pete” Rollack was arrested on drug charges in the city (Rollack is currently serving a life sentence in federal prison for murder and racketeering). Carnright said that those responsible for King’s murder were full-fledged SMM members with gang connections beyond Kingston, not self-styled gangster wannabes.

Several of those accused in the assassination plot have previous criminal records. Mattis, 22, was released from state prison just three weeks before the murder after serving time for robbery and assault. In 2008-09 Rankin, 19, served eight months in state prison for robbery and drug possession. Russ, 23, served a stint in state prison for a series of violent street robberies in Saugerties back in 2004.

All seven suspects have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. In addition:

Mattis and Griffin are charged with first degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon;

Mattis, Griffin and Nicholas are charged with intimidating a victim or witness and tampering with a witness; and

Griffin, Nicholas, Miller and Kelley are charged with criminal facilitation.

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Concerned Citizen
May 18, 2011
Seriously? You're defending these scumbags? I shouldn't be surprised, though. Filth begets nothing but more filth.

So glad to see they will rot in prison for the rest of their useless lives. Too bad you won't get to see them suffer day after day, year after year, until some other piece of filth shanks them and puts them out of their misery. Just a matter of time...
mrs johnson
March 16, 2011
i am the mother of rondy russ. and i am outraged with the numerous amount of lies that you peaple are putting out about this gang stuff. and labeling these young men. my son has not done any of these things that you say about him. thats defamation of character and slander. stop printing these lies unless you have facts.your ulster county police are the real crooks they are theafs liers extorters childmolesters drug users and ect..........
December 09, 2010
i feel ike how come you are labeling them as gang members how come you never called or contacted their side of the family b4 you put this article in the paper i know all of them personally and they are all sweet kids they would never do anything like this. you guys dnt always get the right information

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