Letters to the Editor - November 4, 2010
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My accident happened on Washington Avenue on the way to the Garlic Festival. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the young men and young women who helped me at the scene of the accident. I don’t know who you people are. I want to say Thank God for people like you. God bless you both.

Carol Kaelin



I am now suffering from PTS. This is not post traumatic stress. This is from politicians turned stupid!

I thought I had learned to cope with the political fliers being stuffed into my mailbox , until this election time. This year, the people running the campaigns, have passed my wildest expectations. Larger fliers every day. The non-stop phone calls telling me nothing, except that the other side is no good. How refreshing it would be if only one flier were sent out from each candidate, telling us only what that person will try to do if elected. If all the money spent on getting childlike messages out to the public, were spent on food and shelter for the homeless, this race would have been worthwhile. I am just so sick of the tone set in this election. Grow up boys and girls. Maybe the voters will take you seriously. This type of campaign strategy sucks!

Barbara Terwilliger Ambrosano



When this issue of our hometown paper reaches us we will already know the results of the mid-term elections. We can control who we vote for and who we campaign for. But we cannot control the results, only our efforts. Our individual efforts together form a powerful voice.

In spite of who wins and who loses we cannot drop the ball to temporarily stop a form of drilling for natural gas under shale rock formations called horizontal hydraulic fracturing (also referred to as hydro-fracking or fracking). We have the power to stop this and other states are looking to New York to lead the way.

The governor has called the New York State Assembly back to Albany November 15 to handle some unfinished business. One of the many bills on the docket is the equivalent of a temporary moratorium on this form of gas drilling which already passed in the State Senate in August (S.8129B). It is time for the Assembly to act to pass A.11443B to ensure adequate review of the public health and environmental concerns before starting to drill.

Please make the following calls: 1) Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver at 212-312-1420, 2) assemblyman and chair of environmental conservation Robert Sweeney at 631-957-2087 and 3) your assemblyman, Peter Lopez, at 518-943-1371. Tell them they must get Bill A.11443B on to the Assembly floor for a yes vote for a temporary moratorium. 4) Call Governor Paterson (518-474-8390) and tell him to encourage Assembly passage and then to sign the bill. Call or e-mail everyone you know in the state to contact their Assembly members.

We have the power to make a difference and get the moratorium passed by the Assembly. We’re counting on you. Are you in?

Rosalyn Cherry

New Paltz


On Tuesday October 26, the Annual Boys and Girls Club Steak and Burger Dinner was held at the Glasco Firehouse. The Steak & Burger Dinner is one of the club’s most important social activities and fundraisers. Its intent is to introduce the club members to the adult community, provide an opportunity for them to engage with the community, use social skills they’ve learned, and see and feel what it is like to be in the adult world. In turn, the adults get to hear a little of what’s important to the kids in today’s world.

The evening’s guest speaker was Charlie Rosen, nationally known former basketball player, author and current NBA analyst. His personal and humorous stories about his life in basketball and his close friendship with Phil Jackson entertained everyone.

The Board of Directors and the club members thank the corporate, community and individual sponsors for helping to continue the club’s mission of providing a positive place for kids in Saugerties.

Corporate Gold Sponsors: Colonial Motor Cars Limited, Helsmoortel Insurance & Realty, Naccarato Insurance, Precision Flow, Reis Group Insurance, Saugerties Lumber, Saugerties School Administrators, Sawyer Savings Bank, National Bank of Millbrook, Ulster Savings Bank, Village Apothecary.

Sponsors: Fran Andreassen, Peggy & Jim Dargan, Richard Griffin, Erica Guerin, Attorney, Bruce & Katie Leighton, Louck’s Autobody, Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, Wally Michaels, Mike Saporito Photography, Saugerties Teachers Administration, Sawyer Motors, Stone Pony Deli.

Individual Sponsors: Mary Mayone, Elliot Auerbach, Town & Country Liquors, Greco Motors, Kosco Oil, Maurice Tessier, Abbie Schiff, Tim Mauro .

Sue Worthman, president

Board of Directors, Saugerties Unit


Thank you to all of the supporters of the Cahill Cares Classic. It was a huge success for our school playground. Daisy Bolle, owner of DIG, enticed many to sponsor our 1K/5K race and were represented on our event T-shirts. Thank you to Cahill teachers and staff, Markertek Video Supply, Saugerties Area Chamber of Commerce, DIG, Woodstock Design, Sawyer Motors, The VanValkenburg Family, Lily and Zoey Brady, Precision Flow, Hudson Valley Dessert Company, Saugerties Farmers Market, Rafferty Rocks, Lucky Chocolates, LUX Hair Studio, Saugerties Electric, Hudson Valley Prenatal Program, H.L. Snyder and Sons, Mr. & Mrs. Gies, 3rd Generation Builders, Mike Hein, Saugerties Village Apothecary, Krause’s Chocolates,, Lykes Martial Arts, Miss Lucy’s Kitchen, Dutch Ale House, “Smash His Camera” a film by Leon Gast, Jimmy Fallon and J. A. S. G. Gambino.

Students raised money for the playground by purchasing T-shirts and running a 1K. They asked friends and family to sponsor them for the event.

Thank you to the teachers and parents of Cahill School who registered and assisted 5K runners, baked the prizes, and promoted the event. Thank you to the runners, joggers, and walkers who came out on a great day for a great event! See you next year.

Alexandra Gambino

Cahill PTA


In response to Judith Simon’s endorsement of Wendy Ricks for town justice, I would like to add my two cents. Because obviously Judith Simon was never before her bench.

I had an agreement with an individual for two cords of firewood. He prepared one cord of wood for me, for which I paid $100; plus he took a cord for himself. They he said he had to take my log splitter for repairs. He never returned.

Sergeant Drescher of the Saugerties Police Department said this was a matter for civil court, because the defendant claimed that I gave him my log splitter as payment for his labor.

Wendy Ricks ignored my deceased husband’s bill of sale or operating manual as ownership. At a cost of $1,600, I can’t replace it, as my only income is Social Security.

Despite her education, she lacks common sense and knowledge of the value of goods and services. I did not get justice. I don’t want anyone else to suffer the same fate.

Emilia Popowicz


Editor’s note: The original letter, which we received the week of the October 28 issue, ended with plea for readers not to vote for Ricks in the November 2 election. Since the letter contained statements we thought might warrant a response, and there would not be an opportunity for a response to appear in these pages, the letter was withheld until after the election.


I was there. My trip started at Midnight, I boarded the bus at 1 a.m., arrived in DC at 7 a.m., was on my feet until I got back on the bus at 5:30 p.m., and finally arrived back in Kingston at close to midnight. I didn’t see one minute of the “show,” and I couldn’t make out anything coming from the speakers, so I learned quickly that the place to be was the surrounding circle, just outside of the mall.

That’s where all the young folks were parading by with their signs — clever signs, with their one main message being: “Don’t lose your marbles — let’s do this together with our brains intact.” It began to be clear to me that fear and anger will only send us off, doing whatever would be against our own interests. There were no political answers, no Vote Democratic, or even Working Party, nothing political at all. Just keep your sanity — and get it right.

The other message that one could take from being at the rally was: we’re all in this together. There was a goodly amount of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Mexicans, Asians, white and black. Miraculously, the colors blended in so that after a while, you really couldn’t distinguish one from the other.

My defining moment was when I called out to a young man, around 20 years old, to compliment him on his sign.

He turned to thank me with a smile, and began to turn around when I hollered out to him: “I’m sorry. I apologize.” He turned around again, came towards me, rested his sign down and said: “You have nothing to apologize for. I know that you didn’t cause this. It’s obvious that you tried to turn it around. It’s our job now. Have confidence in us. We will do this, and we will do it right. Apologies are not in order.” He smiled, picked up his sign and went back to his parade.

That was enough for me. I sat down on the curb, with other people my age, whose backs were aching, and we marveled together as we watched this younger generation, proceed with determination and what we perceived as remarkable peace and unity. I wondered if Stewart and Colbert had spread some fairy dust over us, but I guess I’ll never know.

What I will do, is to try to maintain the sanity that I got from being there for as long as possible, and try to spread it around for as long as it lasts. Here, have some: Peace, Love, Sanity and diligence. After we all calm down, let’s come together and go to work.

Jill Paperno


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