dead beat mom by war4568
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dead beat mom
by war4568
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i got married when i was twenty years old to a woman named charlotte. after twelve yrs of  of being married i ran into a little trouble an had to go to jail for 8 months. while i was in jail my wife decided to leave my kids an take off. my sister didnt know what to do so after a week she called the cops. my sister kept the 3 year old an my mom took the other 2.  so charlotte comes back an decides instead of leaveing my kids with my sister an grandmother she sighns them over to socail services. so they come an drag my kids screamin from my family an put into foster care. i get out of jail get a job an a home an after about 4 months of hourly supervised visits at a park once a week i get them back. along with them camne a 27,000 dollar foster care bill which i paid off in three years of my paycheck being garnished an my income tax checks being taken. so after 12 yrs ive finally found her. the first two kids are to old to collect child support from her. it turns out a year after she sent the kids to foster care she remarried even though were still married. i went to the kingston police department to have her arrested for bigamy but it turns out there not gonna do anything because theres a 5 yr statue of limations on that. how that works i dont know because i feel that she is still breaking the law now as i sit here an right this. so the detective tells me she is legaly married to both of us. but the united states doesnt recognize to marriages. charlotte arbiter you should be ashamed by the she also had two more kids.
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