Letters to the Editor - October 14, 2010
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Let’s keep ball in our court

On Nov. 2, the citizens of Kingston will vote for Kingston City Court judge. This is an important election, as the position is for a 10-year term. The choice for city judge is between two men: Kingston’s current city court judge, the Hon. Lawrence E. Ball, and another gentleman whom I know little about. I am writing to share why I believe Judge Ball is highly qualified for the job, and certainly not to disparage the other candidate, who may himself be a fine gentleman.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Judge Ball since we were children, having met at Miller Middle School. In high school he was a quiet leader amongst our group of friends, just as he is today. I have encountered numerous attorneys through past business dealings as well as my own recent experience of attending law school. Having had the opportunity to sit behind closed doors with various attorneys, I was privy to many frank discussions.

Often the words spoken were unfriendly and inappropriate language was used. Judge Ball, before he was the city’s full time judge, represented me regarding some personal legal matters. What impressed me most was his professionalism, not only when dealing with me but his high degree of courtesy, respect and professionalism exhibited towards our adversarial parties. Even when he and I met privately to discuss them behind closed doors he was always a gentleman. This is a man of fine character, one who has an outstanding reputation in the legal community. I have listened to individuals within the Ulster County District Attorney’s office as well as defense attorneys in the area, all of whom attest to the fact that Judge Ball is doing a very fine job of running the Kingston City Court.

Judge Ball once said to me, “Some people might question my talents as a lawyer, some might question my ability as a judge, but I always try to do the right thing so that I never give them reason to question my character” — great advice to live by whether you are a lawyer or a laborer. Anyone who has sat in his courtroom will tell you that he is a man who is patient, polite, firm, and fair with all parties. What better qualities could we ask for in a judge? Too often today we hear about judges and other elected officials who fail to conduct themselves appropriately. They are power-hungry individuals who seek to pursue their own agendas rather than to serve the people who elected them. None of those shenanigans with Judge Ball — he is simply a hardworking, dedicated, intelligent, fair-minded, very humble, honorable family man who seeks to do his best while serving the people of Kingston as their City Court judge.

Judge Ball is the candidate that has the endorsement of the Kingston Police PBA, The Kingston Police Gold Shield Society and the Ulster County Sheriffs’ Deputy PBA; although we are not of the same party affiliation, this is one Republican who fully and with clear conscious supports Larry Ball for City Court judge. I do so because he is the “only candidate” with judicial experience and someone whom I know brings integrity to the bench. He has over the last four years, and I am sure if elected in November, will continue to serve the people of the City of Kingston honorably and with dedication.

Nicholas J. Attanasio

Lake Katrine

Gerrymandering alive and well

As citizens are busy getting registered to vote and learning about the candidates, the election results in many cases are already pretty well guaranteed by those who drew the voting district lines ten years ago.

You learned in school about gerrymandering, the drawing of weirdly shaped districts that best serve the political party in charge. Alas, gerrymandering is still alive and well.

But you can do something about it. And the opportunity won’t come again for another decade. Attend a free League of Women Voters discussion on redistricting at the Esopus Town Hall in Port Ewen from 10 a.m.-noon on Saturday, Oct. 16.

Then get the state Assembly and Senate candidates in your district to promise to support a non-partisan commission to handle the drawing of district lines.

Candidates are worried about voters being fed up with a dysfunctional state government, so they’re listening. Use your voter power to get real and lasting reform.

Dare Thompson


League of Women Voters of the Mid-Hudson Region

Cahill opposes hydrofracking

I feel very strongly that we must continue to support Kevin Cahill for the New York State Assembly. Kevin has long fought for the good of our community, and we cannot afford to lose him now.

On the vital issues of property tax relief, jobs, and protecting our environment, Kevin has been working hard. I especially appreciate his firm stand against the dangers of hydrofracking and his promotion of a new, greener economy.

In contrast, I am very disturbed by the way his opponent, Mr. Rooney, has been running a negative campaign, even stooping to telling falsehoods against Kevin. Mr. Rooney is spending an exorbitant amount of money on the media, but why does he not show up at public events and tell us to our faces what his position on the issues is?

With Kevin, we know what we’re getting: a strong, fair advocate for working people and the environment. We need to keep him in Albany, for all our sakes.

Eileen Fay


Ball has not disappointed

Shortly after I opened my law office in Kingston 25 years ago, Larry Ball also began practicing law in a private-practice law firm in Kingston. Many times throughout my professional career, I was involved in cases in which Larry Ball was the opposing attorney. Larry was always extremely well-prepared and demonstrated a keen understanding of the essential facts of each case and a prolific knowledge of the law. In short, he was a formidable opponent. More importantly, Larry was always a complete gentleman and respectful to the court, to me and to all parties involved.

When Larry Ball became City Court judge, I was extremely pleased. I knew he would bring to the Kingston City Court bench all of the qualities and qualifications I had previously seen in him while he was a practicing attorney. He has not disappointed.

Judge Ball is tough when he has to be. He operates the court very efficiently, courteously, compassionately and with an unwavering goal to insure that justice is served. He calls it like he sees it under the facts and the law, and this is his most important qualification.

I am pleased and privileged to wholeheartedly support Judge Larry Ball for election as Kingston City Court judge. The Kingston City Court judge is an extremely important position and the residents of the City of Kingston are entitled to and deserve the best person for the job. Judge Ball is that person.

On Election Day, I urge all voters to support Judge Ball and keep him as Kingston City Court judge.

John J. Greco, Esq.


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